Tuesday, May 20, 2008


my shoulder basically feels like the bones are grinding together with a little stringy nerve thing wedged between them. lifting my arm, rolling it back and forth, sitting here on the couch doing nothing...it still hurts.

yeah kristi and mark dwts!! go david archuleta american idol!!

exciting and meaningful update...Matt got possession of his new private practice office and will be getting the keys tomorrow! 11 more days until he is semi open for business!

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Kari said...

How fun that you've entered the world of "Blog!" That's so exciting about Matt and his new office. Yeah for him!

Have you gotten "The Host" yet? I'm only a few chapters in so I haven't gotten too into it yet. I'm not sure it will be able to stand up to the Twilight series so we shall see. All the way through Seattle I would watch out for anything about Forks. Alex was getting a little annoyed with me. If it hadn't been 3 hours away I might've made him drive me there. Just so I could've seen what it was like. :)