Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My First Day

I woke up this morning expecting nothing different. Feed kids, pack lunch, eat cereal, check emails and other favorite websites (www.woot.com , www.shirt.woot.com , www.amazon.com , news.google.com) and then figure out what needs to be done. Then I go to a website I have never gone to before. www.blogger.com. I am starting to get a little nervous tingle in my belly...its just a website! But this means I am actually thinking about doing this...writing my thoughts and activities down for people to read, opening myself up in a way I never have. No more thinking, now I am starting the process. I sit for about 10 minutes trying to figure out a name, the first thing they ask for, and the best I come up with is lesliehahaha...good start? I'm not so sure. Now I am completely anxious about it.
I don't know what is in store for this blog. I can't promise anything fabulous...only that there will be updates, pictures, videos and hopefully comments and friends. Good luck to me, the newbie!


Likely said...

hooray! welcome to the club. On my sidebar are links to jess crowl and jess loff (and amanda rueckert and other family members of mine) if you want to add those too. it's fun to see what's going on in eachother's lives.

i look forward to reading more:)

Little Monkey Mama said...

Not strange. Cute. :) Thanks for asking for the invite. I also have a public one to hide from people. :) Congrats to Matt. I still don't know what kind of doctor he is... I guess being in the same ward for 7 years hasn't been long enough.... :รพ

Jess and Jason said...

Good for you. It is a fun outlet. I do the same thing each morning. Get up, check email, and then check everyone's blogs to see what exciting things are going on in their lives.

The other thing about blogging that I love and hate, is when people comment. I love any kind of comment. I hate when I don't get any. I somehow think that a comment is some sort of validation. I had something that someone else spent time looking at...how cool am I!

So here is my validation to you. I want to read the random things you have to post!