Tuesday, May 27, 2008

airlines can suck my toe

Ugh...We are trying to find airplane tickets for four people to Idaho Falls...not easy. Our options right now are flying out of Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC or maybe even Pittsburgh and flying into Salt Lake or Idaho Falls. One of the major problems is that we are trying to fly out right at the end of fourth of July weekend and we can only miss one Monday if we can help it because Matt can't take of work. We have just been looking and looking and finding different options but everything is still ridiculously expensive! Plus we'll need a rental car.
I love to see my family and I want my kids to visit more but money or the airline people or employers or time in general just make everything hard! It should be way more fun to plan a vacation than it is for us right now.
I wish we could just be there. And then be home.


Monson Family II said...

Leslie- good luck coming out our way. When will you be here? And where is your family in Idaho? Have you checked skyauction.com? Jameson and I have done vacations and airfare through them a few times and found decent deals.

The Family said...

Besides being very expensive and out of the way, the trips we seem to take always happen in the beginning on July. That requires me to take a week off of work most of the time and quite frankly, that's money we need. So the answer is no. We simply cannot go.