Thursday, May 22, 2008

Live sytycd review...

Yes I am really sitting here watching the show and writing a review at the same time. Matt is gone at Elders Quorum activity, this keeps it interesting...and I need some place to vent what I am thinking about what I see. Maybe I should have a sytycd party and have people over to watch. I love talking about what is happening on shows. Matt doesn't. :P
First girl was good. Italian was hot but acted like a total idiot. Mia Michaels totally slipped and said he wouldn't be sexful I mean successful...hahaha...And now on to Sex...back for his fourth season??? What is the matter with this guy. He keeps saying he did very well, where was he? Wow...he has a pirouette this year! Much more content and way more hip thrusts too...he left the stage...what the heck? Mary Murphy is so annoying. Mia...trying to let him down gently. I can't believe he seriously calls himself Sex...many many years of extensive training....hahaha...many master choreographers in the fans?? he is delusional...planet california?
The blind girl...good effort but definitely not strong enough technique...emotional! geez..whew
And we're back. Steven Boss "Twitch" - did he say all emo? he is moving his body in a way I have never seen before...that was pretty cool...not much besides the popping stuff and that one arch jump, but I see some potential...they like him...oh no, is "you're stupid" the new way to say you're good? eww Straight to vegas...
aahhh attitude
Irina 46 from Russia...holy moly...nice pilates move at the end...yeah, not right for the competition... and she's 46!!!
thats a lot of people in l.a.
philip..crazy arms his arms are going backwards...pretty unique...staying for choreo
william from dancer...artistic...very memorable...didn't show much technique or anything...they loved him....lacking versitility...staying for choreo
I love the e-trade baby commercial...funny guy is in his tightie he dancing to Carrie Underwood? oh, gross ...pullin' out the wedge...I wonder what made him choose to take his clothes off??? feel bad sometimes when they start laughing at them...most have good attitudes about it though
Travis Wall teaching the combo, william guy looked good in combo, italian all about himself...
he's too beautiful for the competition he says...
william and philip are going to vegas...they are playing Paramore!!!! I have this song on my blog! Love it!
I hope they show more good people in this second hour.
I think that moment of truth show is opinion
erica G - 3rd chance - pretty good, needs better choreography, I wouldn't say blown away but yeah one of the better ones, straight to vegas
ballroom people! yeah...uh oh a couple personally, risky, they were good...and the scream is back from mary ...straight to vegas...ooh no choreo for them...
This is gonna be a long post. But its my blog so I guess I can do what I want. ;)
Randy Lewis - eewwww....Edwin Martin - eewwww, what is he doing???
Victor Kim - holy cow! awesome moves..landed on his elbow....slid across the floor on his head, funny guy, hand walked down the stairs and sat in the audience, pretty good trickster, staying for choreo
its dominic from last year being a ham
gold inferno is back, guy wearing a weird mask, "practitioner of jump style" he says...taken some classes since last season...who are these fans that these weird guys talk about having? judges are dancing along, yeah, its a no, "I wish someone would cheer me up"
uh oh sick dance partner - thick accent - ballroom, they were cute, its a yes, stay for choreo
carrington - unique name she's gonna make it, soccer player, she looks like an actress...totally spell her name different than I thought...dominic likes her they keep cutting to him...she is pretty good, didn't make any of her turns yet..lots of passion...straight to vegas, she is very commercial looking, star quality...basically she is a pretty good dancer that is going to look fabulous on camera
one more...a guys that does crazy moves and I guess we'll probably see a few that stayed for choreo make or not make it...
hopefully matt is home when this is done...
racist against tall people...hahaha
this formal training...robert muraine what he has some crazy moves! oh my goodnesss...he's like spaghetti...i am going to find this guy on have never seen anything like that...he has to stay for he goes to slow motion but,
victor kim is a no, ballroom couple yeah
they are showing all these people that made it but we never saw them audition...annoying...
well SLC is next time! I can't wait for the audition part to finish...I like watching the good dancers doing good dances.
My day finished off good, and mostly positive, very productive. Yeah! TGIF tomorrow!!


The Family said...


BTW ... love the template & little add-ons you're finding. Where'd you get this template anyhow with the Larry King-ish background circles? I love it!


Monson Family II said...

So when are you going to audition for sytycd? I'm so sad that I missed the start of the episode! I usually am hooked to it!