Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 30!

A Photograph of Myself Today + 3 Good Things That Have Happened in the Past 30 Days
I decided to photograph myself au naturel...I have not yet put on make-up and I threw my still wet hair in a bun...

teeth/no teeth...
Anyway...three good things that have happened in the past 30 days...
1. I have finished one of my jobs until the fall.  We did our show on Saturday and I danced onstage again which felt great. 
2. Anna got a big girl bed and ended the pacifier phase...she was excited while we put up the new bed.  We kissed the pacifiers bye-bye and put them on the porch for the pacifier fairy, who came and took them and left a cool block puzzle and zebra for her.  She went to bed last night and did great!  Not one peep!  This afternoon, naptime was a little trickier, she cried for her pacifier, and her blanket from her crib.  So I gave her the blanket, she asked if she could put her finger in her mouth, I said sure, and she has been asleep for about 45 minutes.  Phew. 

  3.  Good and bad I guess...Jack decided he is done with baseball, he does not like it, at all.   So good because our Saturdays are now free, but bad because shucks...I don't know what he likes to do!  Also good, Christian does like baseball and is having a fun time playing more "real" games this season.

I am really glad I did the 30 days of blogging.  I think it got me in the habit of blogging everyday.  Keep checking in cause I am going to keep trying to do posts, interesting or not! :)


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Allison said...

That went by fast!
I'm glad you did it too :)

Good job Anna! That whole big-bed-no-pacifier-stage really scares me. I know it's coming soon though. :(