Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Christian's Big Weekend

Christian's big weekend started with his dance concert Friday and Saturday night.  He did his hip hop routine.  He loved it and was very sad when it was over.  He is excited for next year though when they start the new All Boys Hip Hop Crew!
By the way, his hair...he loves his long, curly hair.  I finally got some cream stuff especially for his hair type and after it dried (after this picture) it actually looked really good.  Not so poofy as usual. 

Last night we went over to Bel Air Town Hall.  During the Town Meeting the Historic Preservation Society presented certificates and gift cards to the winners of their Poster contest.  Christian took home one of the Honorable Mention prizes.  This was out of all the 4th grades in Harford County!  He drew a picture of the Hays House.

That is what the house looks like, and here is Christian's drawing.

After the awards presentation we headed over to Rockfield Manor, another historical building in Bel Air, where the HPS held a small reception with some refreshments for the winners.  All the artwork was displayed with descriptions of each of the historical landmarks that were drawn.  I am including pics of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.  Everyone's posters were great.  I am so proud of Christian!


Allison said...

Impressive drawing Christian!

Jennilyn said...

Congratulations to the artist! Nicely done!