Monday, March 1, 2010

snack time

Jack's shirt...hahaha...
love my little cuties


Jennilyn said...


German date: come to Aberdeen--behind the library going towards route 40 (behind the 24 hour fitness center-between that and the back entrance of the senior center, just north of route 40, two story white house with Prost sign. You can see the mountain mural through the windows. Kind of weird trying to find it, but worth the adventure--really good desserts, too. Hmmm, convenient babysitters within a mile of this location, too! Is Anna stair friendly? Sam and siblings would love to play with your cuties. Friday night is good. Big scouts and John will be gone camping. Double date so Hazel can come play, too!

Emily and Owen Johnston said...

Your kids are cute! Anna is the cutest little girl! I have noticed that Evie and Anna have some of the same clothes! We have this skirt and it is super cute! I guess their mamma's have great taste in clothes :)