Monday, February 16, 2009

she is so tiny!

I am really tired and the food has come in so that is uncomfortable to say the least. But I love having this tiny little baby around. The boys have been trying to help, she screams, Jack says "sshhh, she needs her sucker!" Christian wants to hold her a lot and when he does he wants her to be in a very specific position, "her head needs to be right here next to this arm and she can be on the side of me".
Anyway, onto some pics, she is a bit yellow but the doc said its nothing to worry about.


The Segura's said...

She looks adorable! It is so sweet that the boys want to be so attentive. Sorry about the sore boobs!

Marly said...

Congrats! She's so cute :)
The yellow will go away with lots of nursing! Good luck.

Jess and Jason said...

Congratulations! The boys look so cute with her, all of them!

Monson Family II said...

Sounds like you have great little helpers!