Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Big One.

This is going to be a big post because I can't seem to ever sit down after things happen and write about them/post pictures. So here is everything from the last little while. Above, just cute pictures of Jack and Christian all dressed up to go somewhere, I can't remember. Oh, spaghetti supper? I don't know. Anyway...
Jack turned 4 on November 30th. We had a little family party where the tradition is to hide presents and the birthday boy does the hot/cold game to search them out. It was fun to watch Jack. There was also a really cool candle that spun and blossomed and played a happy birthday turn, it was pretty sweet. That night we celebrated Matt, Jack, Emily and Karen's birthdays, all November.

Then we had his party with a few friends. It was a shapes/colors party. They all seemed to have a good time. No tears, no fights, it went well. This was probably the funniest part of the party watching them try to pop all the balloons.

Geri and Me after our Presidency meeting. 26 almost 27 weeks (me) and 25 weeks (Ger).

We had our Stake Christmas Gala dance. Here are some friends at the party plus, Matt and I took a prom pic, aww.
I thought it was funny, I wore the same dress that I did to my high school reunion in July. A bit of a difference.


Jess and Jason said...

We are all so cute! Thanks for taking pictures of us all.
I bet you do look a little different than you did in July!
I love that video of the kids popping the balloons.

Jess and Jason said...

Hey, did anyone else notice that Matt and Greg are wearing the same color shirt?

Monson Family II said...

So You Think You Can Dance tryouts are coming to DC on February 21 :)