Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I swear I am going to have a new post soon...34 weeks is right around the corner so we'll have a picture of that too. For now I am going to see what the most recent pictures I have are and those will go up now.
This is a sign that we got for Christmas from my uncle. It is on our mantle for now but I have another place in mind for when our basement is done, in the very near future.
These next pics are from our after New Year's trip to the breakfast buffet at Willow Valley in PA. It was yummy.
There is a pond outside so we took a few pics around that too. It was really sunny out there. And freezing cold.
So that's it for now.


Grace said...

awww!! how fun you got to go to willow valley!! did you and matt ever go to willow valley with my and your family??

leslie said...

no, just Matt. I've heard the stories. :)